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General information

Mindo is a tranquil town vouchsafed with nature’s essence located to the northwest of Quito, Ecuador’s capital city, in the Pichincha Province; it is renowned as the paradise for bird lovers. Hidden amongst attenuated and astounding cloud forest, Mindo’s dedication to eco-tourism and its bountiful biodiversity has kept it in the center of fascination of every nature enthusiast. Home to over 450 different species of bird, Mindo is also celebrated for housing various types of unique animals such as amphibians, reptiles, and most importantly 1200 different butterflies. Apart from its habitants, Mindo is surrounded by a natural complex system of 15 waterfalls of different heights and idiosyncratic beauty, all giving Mindo a heavenly appearance. Established in 1861, Mindo’s current population is approximately 3000, but it features numerous excellent accommodations and restaurants, enough to make it an excellent place to relax and to get lost in the arms of nature.

What to do

The foremost thing to do in Mindo is to adore the natural beauty in its most splendid and unscathed form. Secondly, you must relish the companionship of over 450 different species of birds as they are the ones who have dragged you here. After pleasing your heart with Mindo’s exquisite beauty, and your bird watching escapade next thing you should do is go on an excursion in a Tarabita. It will take you through seven different waterfalls, each one of them eccentric to itself and exclusive. You will also enjoy the picturesque hiking trails visible all along the ride. If you want to see almost all waterfalls it takes around 2 hours of hiking. Reina waterfall has it owns trial and takes almost 2 hours to go and return.

Next thing you will cherish to do is to traverse around the cloud forest and farmland of Mindo from different altitudes and angles. Don’t forget to take your camera along as cloud forest is a humble abode to numerous endangered species of bird and you won’t like missing any prospect of capturing them. After accomplishing two of your main desires, you can now visit Mariposas de Mindo. It is one of the largest butterfly exhibits in the whole world featuring a colossal amount of living butterflies in the garden.
For adventure lover, Mindo is packed with pursuits requiring vigorous rush of adrenaline. Mindo offers magnificent opportunities for activities like tubing, hiking, but the center of attraction remains Canopy Zipline Tour, an exceptional way to view the canopy level of the cloud forest. The tour offers over 10 cable Zipline courses; you will be secured in a harness and pullet and sent off over the tree top. Don’t forget to take your camera along because the view from above is simply sensational, marvelous, and unbelievably beautiful. The tour usually takes 1-1/2 hours, but at the end of the day you will be captivated, and hypnotized by the spellbinding natural beauty you had just witnessed.

Nambillo Waterfall is a perfect destination for hikers. In your uphill course of 4 miles you will be able to see numerous rare birds and to help you several bird watching guides are available. On reaching your destination you can indulge yourself in rock jumping, sliding, wading pools, or can simply enjoy the rejuvenating dip into the Nambillo River. It is also a great picnic spot, but you will have to carry your food along as no food or water is available above. You can also enjoy Cable Car rides or Canyoning along the same trail if you prefer.
Rafting or locally called as “tubing” down the Mindo River is another fascinating activity for adventure lovers, and is a great way of discovering the beauty of the river and the riparian zone. Innertubers are tied together to form a boat and the ride starts. Innertubing lasts for about 20 min, but is really an exciting and soothing experience.

For chocolate lovers, El Quetzal can be desiderate come true. Here you will not only get to eat gourmet chocolate, but will also be able to witness their rare process of making their products from the cocoa bean to the bar. Their guides will also take you to their facilities where they grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and beans like cacao, bananas, ginger, and tomatoes. Starting from the process of picking the cacao beans, to the making of the cacao paste you will be shown every procedure in detail for your understanding. At the end of your visit, you’ll get samples of chili chocolate, ginger honey chocolate, cacao honey, barbecue sauce and a brownie.

Canyoning is an adventure sport that is practiced in rivers, in its canyons and ravines. It´s like to do rapel in the waterfalls.

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How to reach

There are frequent buses available forms Quito to Mindo. You can board a bus from the terminal Terrestre Norte, La Ofelia. Quito to Mindo is about 120 minutes journey and it is advised to board the very first bus available so that you can ensure you have ample of time left. Also, at times it is possible that buses may get overcrowded so it is recommended purchasing your return ticket well in advance, especially on holidays. Buses charge about $2,5 one ways. Another convenient option is hiring a taxi or renting a car, but may prove a bit expensive too. Taxi from north of Quito cost around $50-60 to Mindo. If you need more information about how to reach Mindo, don’t hesitate to contact us.


There are numerous hotels and lodges available in Mindo; therefore searching a suitable residing is not much of the task. For backpackers options like dormitories are available starting from $7 per day (Combined bathrooms) to $12 per day with separated bathrooms. There are several budget hotels available for couples with initial rates being $15 to $25 for suits. Being crowded with tourist all year around, Mindo also hosts several expensive hotels ranging from $50 to $100 per night. Food charges are included and they also provide facilities like guides and private bird watching sights. You will easily find hotel suiting all your needs without much work.

Best Time to Visit

Situated at considerably lower altitude than Quito, Mindo’s climate is pleasant all year around and tourists are opened heartedly welcomed all around the year. With no separate rainy or dry seasons, the temperature here generally ranges from 15 degree Centigrade to 25 degree Centigrade. Still, May to December is the best period to visit Mindo as the weather is dry and cool. December to March is generally a bit warmer and rains are highly likely during this period. No matter when you visit Mindo, you will find more than 300 species of bird to soothe your nerves and make your trip as mesmerizing as possible.


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 Mindo, Ecuador The birding or birdwatching, is the term which refers to the activity of different types of birds observed respecting the environment, a fun and different ecological leisure activity that we can include in our holiday. If you have not tried it, it may be one of the most peaceful and relaxing activities you can do outdoors. But the writing on the other side also saw the best for you , you can tullatodellinen a passion for those who are dedicated to finding the rare , long distances nähdäerilaisia ​​and add them to your lists (national , regional, local ... ) Bird watching is a sport cheap, but very nice from time immemorial. With the binoculars and the local guide . Bird watching is also an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole of Ecuador , with particular interest in Mindo . For people who want this business to onlähinnä thing paradise. Ecuador you will find more than 1,600 different species of birds . In ...

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